What do you know about me

By Valerio Jalongo

What do you know about me

Rumours of a possible renaissance of Italian Cinema have been in the air for a while now, but What Do You Know About Me? offers a strikingly different picture. Valerio Jalongo’s film emerged in the context of a collective of struggling filmmakers who wanted to express their concerns about the current condition of the Italian film industry. Jalongo focuses on the mysteries behind the sudden decline of Italian cinema on the (inter)national market since the late seventies. He questioned a wide range of film professionals on the topic, and followed one director in particular during the laborious process of completing his film. The film unveils a disturbing picture by portraying Italy through the disappearance of art house cinemas and the boom of suburban multiplex theatres and provides insight into the huge impact of commercial television on audiences.

What do you know about me


Many clips of film masterpieces are included, together with some surprising archival footage. True highlights are, for example, a television performance by Berlusconi in the capacity of a film critic, and the historical battle fought between Fellini and Berlusconi over commercial breaks during films. With a remarkable soundtrack consisting mainly of Italian film scores from the 60s and 70s, What Do You Know About Me? is an informative, hilariously chaotic and very entertaining rollercoaster ride through past and present film history. ‘Mandatory nourishment’ for Italian Cinema lovers.


Di me cosa ne sai


70 min. / 35 mm

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English

Screenplay: Felice Farina, Valerio Jalongo and Giulio Manfredonia

Cinematography: Marco Carosi, Alessio Gelsini Torresi and Maurizio Tiella

Sound: Andrea Malavasi and Angelo Mignogna

Editing: Mirco Garrone

Production: Luigi Lagrasta, Giampiero Romaldi, Luciano Sovena for Cinecittà Luce

Valerio Jalongo graduated in philosophy in 1985, the year he directed his graduation film from the Gaumont Film School. He received a Masters in Filmmaking at USC with Dream City, which also won the Vittorio De Sica Award. For two years he led a creative writing group with the prisoners of Rome's Rebibbia jail. In 2005 he made On My Skin and he is currently preparing the feature Laria.