Wanderman, the recollection!

By René A. Hazekamp

Wanderman, the recollection!

‘A little off beat film on dance’ is how René Hazekamp describes Wanderman, his new short film about the collaboration between the choreographer Piet Rogie and Spijker, a homeless friend. Rogie and five dancers, most of whom had never met, worked with the drifter while Hazekamp captured the intensity of this process with all its meetings, misunderstandings and difficulties.

Wanderman, the recollection!


‘What struck me immediately was the unity in concentration these people had and the attention they paid each other, even when they got tired. It would be magnificent if I could capture that, if the beauty of the space they gave each other could come across... It took months before I figured out how to put it all together and how to use the healthy amount of miscommunication to give it breath’ (René Hazekamp). René Hazekamp’s experimental films are part of the collection of EYE Film Institute Netherlands.


Zwerfmens, de herinnering
The Netherlands


10 min. / Digibeta

Language: Dutch

Subtitles: English


Cinematography: René A, Hazekamp

Sound: René A, Hazekamp

Editing: René A, Hazekamp

Production: René A. Hazekamp

After being born in Amsterdam and studying law for one year, René A. Hazekamp attended the Brussels film academy. He has edited, scripted, directed and produced multi-media projects, shorts and feature films of which a lot have focused on dance. He worked as a director for the VPRO music-program Lola da Musica. His work is often shown at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam and other festivals and have been rewarded with various prizes.