The Treasure Cave

By Bahman Kiarostami

The Treasure Cave

While Statues of Tehran examines Iranian public sculpture, The Treasure Cave looks at a priceless trove of western masterworks all but forgotten at Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Treasure Cave


The film recounts the history of a museum that, despite possessing the most extensive collection of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century Western art outside the West, has been transformed into a place for honouring the martyrs of the revolution and Iran/Iraq war.




43 min. / DV

Language: Persian

Subtitles: English

Screenplay: Sonia Kronlund

Cinematography: Bahman Kiarostami

Editing: Francois Sculier

Production: Christoph Jorg for Point Du Jour

Bahman Kiarostami, was born in Tehran in 1978 and started his work as an assistant director in 1996. He has worked as a cinematographer, film editor and film producer. His films have focused on art, music and the political power of faith inside contemporary Iranian culture, Bahman has explored the complex layers of religious significance in the Iranian controversial society.