Dancing Dreams

By Rainer Hoffmann & Anne Linsel

Dancing Dreams

13 boys and 13 girls from Wuppertal embark on an emotional journey over the course of one year, in preparation to perform the dance piece ‘Kontakthof’ by Pina Bausch. The teenagers are from different social classes and backgrounds and some of them have never heard of Bausch. This observational and often humorous documentary carefully frames the roller-coaster ride of the creative process. Under the direction of the senior dancers and choreographers Jo Ann Endicott and Benedicte Billiet, who danced in the original, legendary performance in 1978, we witness how the self esteem of the youngsters starts to develop. The vulnerability, clumsiness and frankness of the teenagers shows much more than the awkwardness of adolescence. It also displays what the work of Pina Bausch has made so precious and unforgettable for dance history and art.

Dancing Dreams


Bausch states: ‘“Kontakthof” is a place, where one meets, to search for contact. To show yourself and to withdraw: with fears, longing, disappointments and desperation. First experiences. First tries. In 1978, along with the “circus”, the working theme concerned what can emerge from tenderness.’ Asked what the performance meant to her in 2009, Bausch replied, ‘To show something of yourself, to overcome oneself.’ Pina Bausch died on June 30, 2009. Tanzträume preserves her image on film for the last time; it also contains the last on-camera interview with this world-famous dancer and choreographer. The film premiered at the Berlin Film festival, 2010. The dance performance can be seen at Stadsschouwburg in July 2010.




92 min. / 35 mm

Language: German

Subtitles: English

Screenplay: Anne Linsel

Cinematography: Rainer Hoffmann

Sound: Tim Dohnke, Thomas Keller, Tobias Linsel and Paul Oberle

Editing: Mike Schlömer

Production: Gerd Haag, Anne Linsel, Anahita Nazemi for TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion, Sabine Rollberg for WDR / arte Geie

Distribution: Films Boutique.

Dutch distributor: Cinéart

Anne Linsel works as an arts and culture journalist and publicist, lives in Wuppertal and studied Arts, art history, German language and literature. She has worked as a moderator for the magazine Aspekte, as a host for Zeugen des Jahrhunderts and moderation and conception of several ARTE - theme nights, amongst others about Joseph Beuys, Pina Bausch, Max Ernst, arts and politics. She works for radio and writes for newspapers and magazines (amongst others for DIE ZEIT and Süddeutsche Zeitung). Rainer Hoffmann was born in Hamburg. Studied engineering and took part in expeditions to the Arctic Sea, Greenland and Iceland. He has worked as a photographer for several advertising agencies in Hamburg, studied at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB). He has been an associate professor for camera at the University of Applied Science Hannover and DFFB.