All Restrictions End

By Reza Haeri


All Restrictions End

‘In which dress can one revolt? In which dress can one go to war?’ Concerned with the evolution of clothes and fashion in contemporary Iranian history and culture, All Restrictions End is a dark, beautiful and at times disturbing documentary essay. ‘30 years since the revolution, 30 years without vogue’ states the narrator early in the film.


Director Reza Haeri interweaves thought-provoking texts with footage of contemporary Iran; magnificent black and white photographs and archival footage from Iranian cinema; as well as TV history with imagery from Persian paintings and graphics.


All Restrictions End


At times breathlessly paced, the stylish editing contrasts with the tender and slow voice-over and music.


Iran’s history is full of brutal political changes: From the coup d’etat in 1920 to the 1953 uprising and the Islamic revolution of 1979, this poignant film builds many references to the situation of today.


All Restrictions End


35 min. / HD

Language: Persian

Subtitles: English

Screenplay: Reza Haeri and Sahand Abbidi

Cinematography: Mostafa Ghaheri

Editing: Reza Haeri

Production: Reza Haeri, Bani Khoshnoudi for Pensee Sauvage Films

Distribution: Reza Haeri for Black & White.

Benelux Distributor: Jan Vrijman Fund

Reza Haeri is an Iranian film-maker and producer of documentary and short films.He lives and writes in Tehran where he is also involved with a local periodical. He is Director of International affairs at the IRDFA "Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association". He is currently working on several independent film projects.