Gabriel Byrne – Stories from Home

By Pat Collins

Gabriel Byrne – Stories From Home

One might call this film simply an “anti-celebrity-doc”, a tender and at times dark meditation on the consequences of the acting profession for an actor’s private life. Gabriel Byrne has worked with some of the most interesting directors in cinema, including Jim Jarmusch, Ken Loach, John Boorman, Costa Gavras, David Cronenberg, Wim Wenders, and the Coen Brothers. His lead role in Miller's Crossing by the Coen Brothers established his reputation as an exceptionally intense performer. Gabriel Byrne – Stories from Home provides a captivating insight into Byrne’s life and creative impulse.

Gabriel Byrne – Stories From Home


Blending intimate and lively home movies (for example with Kevin Spacey and his former wife Ellen Barkin) with quiet and moving contemplations, a very personal profile emerges, emanating directly from the man himself. Byrne speaks with an unflinching honesty and intimacy about some of the events and crises that have shaped his life. A rare, in-depth portrait of an artist’s life, between private and public appearances and between Dublin and New York, produced with astonishing confidence and most importantly, the committed participation of this vulnerable actor.

  Gabriel Byrne – Stories from Home
Ireland 2008, 76min. Video
English. No subtitles

Cinematography: Richard Kendrick
Sound: Peter Blayney
Editing: Isobel Stephenson
Production: Tina Moran for South Wind Blows, Harvest Films

Pat Collins produced and directed over 17 documentaries. He has won numerous awards. Abbas Kiarostami - The Art of Living was picked up for international distribution by the French company MK2. He made films on the Irish writer Frank O' Connor and the Irish language poet Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill. In 2004 John McGahern: A Private World won the Best Irish Documentary Award at the Irish Film and Television Awards.