More Real Than Reality

By Johann Carlsson, Pehr Arte

A close personal portrait of a unique director, Roy Andersson, whose new film, “You, the Living”, is in distribution by the Filmmuseum.

Director Johann Carlsson and producer Pehr Arte followed Roy Andersson during the making of “You, The Living”, beginning as early as the first shooting tests in May, 2003. With this material, they made a 40 minute pilot version, and have since started a new edit, focusing on the work of the crew with Andersson. Both Carlson and Arte have worked for several years with Andersson.

The making of Roy Anderssons sets have never been thoroughly shown in films or reports about the Swedish director. But this is an essential aspect to his unique creative process: Andersson always employs studio-built sets, even for exteriors, and does not rely on digital effects in post-production at all. Everything is made on set with the Trompe l’oeil method (a special technique to create optic illusions).

The documentary is planned to be finished by end of 2008. The lecture will give insight into different version of the editing process, including Roy Andersson at work with “You, The Living”.