Marilyn Mazur – Queen of Percussion

By Christian Braad Thomson

A captivating journey into the musical universe of Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur, one of the few women to become an international star as a multi-instrumentalist. The Danish musician has toured with some of the world's greatest jazz musicians, including Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Jan Garbarek and Wayne Shorter, and was awarded the prestigious Jazzpar Prize in 2001.

Marylin Mazur was born in New York in 1955. Her Polish mother was expelled from her bourgeois family when she married a black man, who became Marilyn's father.

To escape this racist environment, the family settled in Denmark when Marilyn was five. It was there that she started playing classical piano, but changed to jazz after discovering Miles Davis. In 1982, she formed the Primi Band, the first all-female jazz band. Since then she has headed her own groups, Future Song and Percussion Paradise. We follow her to the studio, where she records a new CD with Jan Garbarek for ECM Records.