Press Release #2 / 2008
Press screening and press conference
Friday May 30, 12.30 until­ 17.00, Filmmuseum Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam

The first film, Edgard Varèse: A Visionary in Sound, by Frank Scheffer, will officially open Doku.Arts on June 4 at 20.00. Scheffer’s latest film on the famous composer whose influence can even be noticed in popular DJ’s uses archive footage from the collection of the Filmmuseum. Read more

Press Release #1 / 2008
Starting with this third edition, the former Berlin DOKU.ARTS festival has a new home in Amsterdam’s Filmmuseum. During the festival, which runs from 4th June until 8th June, new creative documentaries about art and artists will be shown, including portraits of artists, cinematic essays, inventive compilations and tributes. Read more