The City of Photographers

Director: Sebastián Moreno

The photo-camera became their weapon against the military dictatorship of Pinochet. During the 80s, Chilean photographers founded the independent network AFI (Asociación de Fotógrafos Independientes) in the Chilean capital of Santiago. In the streets, in the middle of bloody riots and protests, these fearless photographers learned their craft and created many of the now legendary images which helped focus world attention on the Pinochet regime's repressive actions. For them, taking pictures was a form of involvement, even resistance, and a way of being more than mere spectators but vital actors. Members of the AFI started going out on the streets in groups, using their ability to document each other as a means of protection.

The director Sebastián Moreno, son of an AFI photographer, reconstructs the personal stories which are related to particular photos. By adding the specific existing film footage, it is as if we witness the very moment of the making of the photos, as if we stand on the street with these heroes of the revolution. However, this moving documentary also shows the anxiety in the pursuit for images and reflects the ambiguous role of the medium of photography in times of war. “Did I shoot agony for my own fame?” Claudio Pérez, a former member of the AFI, asks himself…