Marti: A Passionate Eye

Director: Shirley Horrocks

By yielding to the flow of events narrated by Marti Friedlander one is drawn into a maelstrom of memories about a life which has been dedicated entirely to the art of photography. Love was the reason that brought the Englishwoman to New Zealand at the beginning of the 60s. She quickly recognized that the country possessed enormous beauty and was full of hidden secrets. From her initial curiosity and her desire to get closer to the specific peculiarities of the insular nation in the Pacific, far away from the busy urban life of London, arose a life-long passion for photographic observation and appreciation. As a "stranger in a new world" - that is how her friends describe her - she was able to capture the characteristics of her new home in expressive portraits that document the changes in society.

In this film we meet a spirited woman, who has seen and documented everything that has happened socially and politically in New Zealand for the last four decades. With enthusiasm and an eye for detail she looks back on her countless black-and white photos and the significance of her subjects.