Louise Bourgeois

Director: Nigel Finch

In the middle of the 90s, Nigel Finch made a moving portrait of Louise Bourgeois for the BBC, which gets exceptionally close to her extraordinary personality. The heated confrontations between director and protagonist reveal her vulnerability and intensity and are full of sharp, smart and hilarious comments. Bourgeois is articulate about her motivations and feelings which drive her artistic work. She locates their basis in the time of her childhood and in her biography.

She calls herself a beast and destroys her art with joy in front of the camera and flashes a warning sign, “No Trespassing”, towards the camera. The film is among the best artist portraits that the famous BBC series, “Arena”, has produced in the last 20 years. The trailer of DOKU.ARTS 2007 is based on a scene from this stunning portrait.