Le Blues de l’Orient

Director: Florence Strauss

Cairo, Alexandria, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra… in her pan-Arabic journey, Florence Strauss immerses herself in the world of classical Arabian music and searches for its spiritual and cultural roots. The film not only allows these accomplished musicians to have their say, but leaves plenty of space and time to hear and watch their passionate playing and their expressive ensembles. We learn about the subtle difference between “Bravo!” and “Allah!” and come to see how their music is based on a profound belief in peace. This cinematic search reveals the intricate, cross-cultural origins out of which this wonderful music emerged.

“… Just the commentary about the relationship of nerves and quarter tones to a certain inner depth,  with which no halftone or western tonal chord is able to compete, makes this film worth showing.“ (Professor Nicolaus A. Huber, composer, member of the Academy of Arts/ Akademie der Künste, 2007)