Ich will Dich - Begegnungen mit Hilde Domin

Director: Anna Ditges

“I love you, but I don’t like your apparatus”, 95 year-old poet Hilde Domin says into the camera of  filmmaker Anna Ditges, who is almost 70 years younger. Even if we see her slap the continually filming camera several times, she still engages the affectionate persistence of the unknown director. Over a period of two years, a private relationship develops between these two, until Domin`s death in February 2006. The film shows moments of intimacy, longing, loneliness and vulnerability in an unsentimental way, even though it is as if we watch Domin recount her life story for the very last time.

We watch her at home, writing, feeding her birds, and sleeping while we listen to the narrative of her life, which she is always able to comment on with a great sense of humour: her husband (the poet Erwin Walter Palm) who at first did not recognise her talent as a writer; 20 years of exile together in the Caribbean; her late success in Germany…