Art Matters

Director: Sumantra Ghosal

5 short films commissioned by The “India Foundation of the Arts” (IFA) introduce their exceptional art projects.

Conserving Build Heritage

Manish Chakraborti is fighting for the conservation of the architectural heritage of Calcutta. As a result of his tireless lobbying, the buildings of “Dalhousie Square”, in the financial district of the capital of West Bengali, were rated as one of the 100 most threatened architectures worldwide.

Photographing Popular Sculpture

The photographer Dev Nayak documents the 250 year old tradition of icon art in Kurmatuli, Kalkutta. These larger than life sculptures of Hindu goddesses, made from clay, bamboo, and jute are still manufactured today for religious rituals and profane feasts. Since Nayak’s photo documentation, the sculptures, that are destroyed after use, have received world wide attention.

The conservation and recognition of traditional cultural values is a central issue in another 3 portraits. In the following films we see the stunning results produced by the synthesis of old or forgotten knowledge with contemporary art and cultural practices.

Theatre: Classical meets Contemporary

The stage director Veenapani Chawla uses the 2000 year old tradition of the Sanskrit Theatre from Kerala, realizing performances in which the special breathing techniques of the “Koodiyattam” are integrated into contemporary theatre.

Bringing Dance into Education

As artistic director of the “Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts ”in South Asia, renowned dancer and choreographer, Jayachandran Palazhy, combines a variety of dance forms with martial arts techniques as well as digital and interactive technologies.

Installation Art – Seeing Beauty in the Ordinary

The choreographer Tripura Kashyap, the photographer T.M. Azis and the painter and media artist C.F. John come together to create installations in a vast, ancient well in Karnataka near Bangalor. A compelling example of Indian installation art, remarkable for its mysticism and beauty.