What’s Under Your Hat?

Directors: Lola Barrera, Iñaki Peñafiel

Lola Barrera

Born in 1960 in Madrid, Lola Barrera studied medicine and surgery, working at the Basque Health Services for 10 years before she discovered painting as her real passion. As an artist and a mother of a daughter that suffers from Down’s syndrome, she started investigating the relation between arts and healing/communication and was introduced to Judy Scott and her moving life story. “What’s Under Your Hat?” is her first work as a director. She is currently preparing several new documentary projects.

Iñaki Peñafiel

Born 1967 in Madrid, Iñaki Peñafiel works as a television director and designer for Canal Plus, Digital Plus and TeleMadrid, where he was responsible for the change of design of all news programs. Besides TV shows, video clips, commercials and documentaries he also directs short films: his 35 mm shorts have been screened successfully at various festivals in and out of Spain (among them “Amigo no Gima”, nominated for Premio Goya in 2004).

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