DOKU.ARTS - Konzept und Ziele

Concept and aims

DOKU.ARTS is the European platform for international films on art. In the continuously shifting media landscape of today, the arts are most often covered by brief reports and cursory, journalistic formats, even though there exist many high quality, feature-length documentaries on art. The aim of DOKU.ARTS is to present the enormous diversity of these longer format films and films that possess an artistic quality in themselves.

DOKU.ARTS – International Festivals for Films on Art was initiated by Andreas Lewin (film-maker, fellow of the Academy of Arts 2002) and established by the Academy of Arts, as principle funder and host organisation.

DOKU.ARTS concentrates on three main thematic focuses this year: "Artists at Work", "The Public at Work with Art" and "Focus Canada". These focal points are reflected in the film selection as well as in the question & answer sessions and discussions.

In the forum, "Producing Films on Art", the festival invites filmmakers, producers, critics, persons engaged in the cultural sector, artists and commissioning editors from all over Europe to discuss the challenges involved in producing documentaries on art.

DOKU.ARTS invites the filmmakers, commisioning editors and producers as well as, if possible, the artists to join the festival in Berlin, in order to present their films personally.

The films will be screened at the Akademie der Künste (cinema with 500 seats) and at the Museum für Gegenwart – Hamburger Bahnhof (100 seats).