erster Jahrgang

First Edition 2006

Artists at Work

The main thematic focus is on "Artists at Work", on "Gestaltung", or the process of production. Through the language of film, it is possible to reveal the overall sequence as well as the succession of moments of this process: the playfulness and hardship, technical strategies, moments of crisis, failure, and liberation towards expression. The Festival will concentrate on the reciprocal relationship of art and life, while examining the difficulties of the cinematic portrayal of an artist. The films will also demonstrate various cinematic approaches used to engage the audience with the physical, conceptual and aesthetic drama of the artist and his milieu.

The Public at Work with Art

This focus concentrates on films which integrate the public with art. The public in this context means the visitors of exhibitions, performances or art campaigns as well as the manual workers and employees who assist the artists and institutions. The different perspectives, positions and motivations in facing art are revealed– as well as the very individual relationships related to the handling of the public with art.

Focus Canada

A further focus during the first edition of the festival will be Canadian films on art, presented in collaboration Embassy of Canada and the Representation of the Government of Québec.