Imternationales Musik + Medien Zentrum

International Music + Media Centre

The IMZ International Music + Media Centre based in Vienna, is the pre-eminent organisation for music and dance in the media.

Founded in 1961 at the initiative of UNESCO as a non-governmental advisory body on matters dealing with music and dance in the audiovisual media, its aim is to encourage the worldwide development, promotion and dissemination of music and dance through the audiovisual media as well as to support this media as an art form.

The IMZ's advocacy for the arts and culture is based on one principle vision: being convinced that music and dance are vital components in our lives. The organisation therefore attaches great importance to making these art forms more accessible to the public. Through a vivid exchange of ideas between different cultures, the IMZ intends to establish global connections to strengthen communication between the various communities worldwide. Indeed, the IMZ is clearly committed to the notion that music and dance, and the related industries, can promote cultural heritage as well as intercultural dialogue and co-operation.

Therefore, today the IMZ aims to actively foster creativity in music and dance in the audiovisual field and in the international media market. It operates as an interface between the world’s principal producers, distributors, opera houses, educational institutions and record labels focusing primarily on classical, contemporary, world music and jazz, as well as classical and contemporary dance.